time management skills


Time cannot be saved. It can be allocated for more efficiency and productivity. Better time management helps reduce stress, and increases staff productivity. It makes employees enjoy their better work-life balance, therefore the organization grows faster. We introduce this course on “time management”. It especially aims to help increase staff contribution to the corporate growth in this highly competitive business climate. 

  • Staff members, supervisors and managers.
  1. Become more effective and efficient.
  2. Achieve more at the office living a happy personal life.
  1. Basics of time management.
  2. How health contributes to better time management.
  3. Inspirations & ways for exercises to stay healthy, productive and efficient.
  4. What control your time?
  5. Three tests of time.
  6. Benefits of better time utilization.
  7. Prime time & setting priorities.
  8. How to control your use of time.
  9. Time-management planning.
  10. Long-term & short-term planning aids.
  11. Characteristics of good planners.
  12. Common time wasters.
  13. Self-generated time wasters.
  14. Environmental time wasters.
  15. Dealing with your time wasters.
  16. Office technologies to save you time.
  17. Plan your trips carefully.
  18. Planning for improved time utilization.
  19. Progress survey & apply what you’ve learnt.
  20. Organize yourself for success.
APPROACH: Inspiring talks, personal reflections, worksheets, self-assessments, pair & group activities.
DATES, TIMING & VENUE: 22-23 Aug 2015 from 08:00-17:00 at Sunway Hotel.
INVESTMENT: 200USD per participant inclusive of snack, lunch, certificate, and training materials.
REGISTRATION & DEADLINE: 099919144 / 015797985 / info@vbuildleaders.com - latest by 14 Aug 2015. 

THE TRAINER IN BRIEF: MBA in 2007. Over 13 years of practical experience with both international companies and organizations on general & life insurances, food & beverage, advertising, business consulting, auto vehicle, commercial banking and healthcare. Trained and directly inspired over 6,000 participants nationwide. Chairman, governing board of directors of BSDA. Founder of vbuild leaders. 

FREE 3 HOUR MOTIVATIONAL TALK AT YOUR REQUEST: For students, parents & project beneficiaries.  

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