Fellowships to attend Environmental Journalism 2015, SEJ's 25th Annual Conference

The Society of Environmental Journalists invites applications for 2015 conference fellowships to attend Environmental Journalism 2015, SEJ's 25th Annual Conference, sponsored and hosted by the University of Oklahoma and the National Weather Center October 7-11, 2015.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Tues. July 7, 11:59 PM, your local time

Native American, Asian, Black, First Nation and Latino journalists who are either SEJ members or are eligible for membership in SEJ.

SEJ membership is open to journalists, and students and faculty at an accredited school or university. Those whose professional work includes public relations on environmental issues, or lobbying for environmental issues, are not eligible for membership in SEJ.
  • Full conference registration (including tours and other extra-fee events)
  • $400 travel stipend to help with hotel and airfare/ground transportation
  • A year of membership in SEJ

Winners will be announced Fri., Aug. 7.
Additional Fellows will be announced and stipend levels could be raised through the summer as additional funding for the program becomes available.

What SEJ needs from winners:
• 500-word article about your SEJ conference experience
• Report on any media coverage you do or plan to do about the conference

SEJ also hopes you'll share, post, blog and tweet throughout the conference, and stay plugged into the SEJ community during your membership. And of course we hope you'll stay with SEJ after your first year finishes.

Provide a document (PDF, .doc or .docx) that includes:
  • Your contact information
  • Your ethnicity
  • Why you want to attend the conference (500 words or less)
  • A brief list of outcomes SEJ could expect from your participation (such as stories you would pursue based on the advance agenda, your intent to post to social media during #SEJ2015 or your plan to volunteer for SEJ projects including diversity efforts for environmental journalism or mentoring).
  • A resume with your qualifications and links to samples of your journalism work.
  • Information about your media platform (print? broadcast? online? film?) and media market or audience.
  • A brief statement of need (will not affect selection but may enable the program to invite more fellows, particularly if an applicant can waive the stipend). (200 words or less.)
  • Commentary on how the fellowship may affect your future work (especially welcome!)
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