Skill of Successful Factory Accounting for Accountants

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Skill of Successful Factory Accounting for Accountants
Course starts: 24 May 2015, Duration: 40 hours (5 weeks), Sunday: 8.30 am -6.00 pm choose to study Accounting Practices with SOTA? 
The SOTA is a center of students and employees, which places a strong focus on accounting practitioner to provide professional qualifications in accounting skills. With the SOTA, you can build skills of successful accountants in any sector.

Course Outlines
Option 1: Nature, principles and regulatory framework
  • Introduction to company accounting
  • Accounting system and regulation
  • Role of accountants and timeliness 
  • Factory accounts listing
Option 2: Bookkeeping entries
  • Using vouchers, book of prime entry, source documents (tax invoice, commercial invoice, official receipt, Credit Note and Debit Note etc)
  • Custom clearance, custom taxes, handling changes, documents from shipping and other charges
  • Purchase invoice from supplier, packing list, bill of landing, item request sheet, air way bill
  • Day book analysis and the journal entries
  • Petty cash register and consolidation of cash book balance
  • Accruals and prepayments methods
  • Revising and adjustment of accounts
  • Basis financial statements report
Option 3: Accounting for inventories
  • Cost of goods sold and spare part inventories
  • Cost classification, costs center and cost analysis techniques
  • Accounting for opening and closing inventories
  • Physical inventory procedure
  • Slow moving inventories and valuation 
  • IAS 2 Inventories and standard costs
Option 4: Accounting for trade receivables and payables
  • Payables recognition
  • Receivables recognition
  • Valuing receivables
  • Allowances for receivables
  • Provision for bad debt
  • Disposing receivables
  • Working with Excel sheet
Option 5: Accounting for taxation
  • Overview of Cambodia taxation
  • Prepayment profit tax (PPT)
  • Tax on Salary (SoT)
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Withholding tax (WHT) 
Option 6: Review of Bookkeeping (Excel & Accounting system)  
  • Journalizing transaction posting
  • Managing spare part and stock
  • Revising and adjusting of accounts
  • Financial reporting and designing
Option 7: Accounting for tangible non-current assets
  • Factory non-current and current assets
  • IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE)
  • Cost determination
  • Depreciation accounting
  • Revaluation of non-current assets
  • Disposals of plant assets
  • Working with Excel sheet
Option 8: Preparing the financial statements
  • The basic of the production cost reports
  • The financial statements report adapt to CIFRS for SMEs
Who is the trainer?
Mr. Kit Chanthorng, as Executive Director/Trainer of SOTA Training Center Co., Ltd (SOTA) and Board of Director of At C.K.T Practicing Accountants Co., Ltd. In priorly, he has been connected in the position of accounting manager, auditor and senior tax & accountant job. He has graduated an MBA in field of Financial Management and pursuing ACCA qualification. He has gained over 9 years of technical experience in auditing, accounting, taxation, consulting and specific training on accounting practices for SMEs. Tax compliance reviews, taxation rules, Prakas, Sub-decrees and regulations by tax authorities, and traditional accounting practices in their business, the SOTA will be applied. This courses are designed to help learners understand the core skills of factory accounting system involved the Accountants Specialist.     

  • You + SOTA  +  Art of sharing
  • Test your understanding, discussion, Q & A
  • Observe and class demonstrate
  • Practical question and answers allow the objectives
  • Practical company tips 
Who should attend?
  • Senior/Supervisor accountants
  • Chief of Accountants
  • Cost Accountants/Accountants/Tax accountants
  • Accounts Assistant (A/R & A/P)
  • Stock Controllers / Cashiers
  • Students (3rd & 4th and fresh graduation)
Fee & Advantage
  • Fee: US$150 per person
  • Practicing the real works
  • Business networking
  • Advisory supporting
  • Free handouts and other materials
  • Practicing the real works & documents
  • Coffee and tea breaks will be offered
  • LCD projector and Certification
Training Venue: SOTA Training Center

Registration & Information
SOTA Training Center Co., Ltd.
#29, St.408, Toul Tompong II, Chamkarmorn 
(Nearly Chinese Embassy, St. 167).  
H/P: 017 600 360,   010 412 316
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