Master your public speaking skills. Present your way to the top.

Trained public speakers often energize the audience before their talks. Skilled public speakers are highly sought after to lead state offices, private companies and not-for-profit organizations. The skills they have mastered long include voice projection, attentive listening, high self-esteem, positive thinking and the love to help. At vbuild leaders, we build extraordinary public speakers out of ordinary people.

1.BE courageous in public speaking and giving presentations.
2.LEARN how to speak well and give presentations in public.
3.LEARN and create successful habits in public speaking and presentations.
4.LEARN and destroy fears and nervousness in public talks and presentations.
5.GET INSPIRED to learn, understand and prepare the key talking points.
6.LEARN how to give attention-catching public talks and presentations.
7.GET INSPIRED to learn and speak like a professional speaker.
8.LEARN & use the right words to fit the circumstances.
9.LEARN the types of words and behaviors to avoid.
10.SELF PREPARE to succeed in public talks & presentations.

1.THE self-image, the self-esteem, and the self-affirmations.
2.THE public talk secrets of world-class leaders.
3.THE communication secrets for public speakers.
4.THE voice projection & body gestures.
5.CRAFTING and delivering an excellent presentation.
6.CATCHING & capturing the audience attention.
7.MIND-MAPPING for the presentation & public talks.
8.GROWING the courage & self-confidence.
9.THE essential elements in public talk.
10.PUBLIC TALKS: closing & opening remarks.
11.THE secrets of good deliveries.
12.THE 7 habits of highly effective speakers.

WHO SHOULD JOIN US? Supervisors, managers, directors and young entrepreneurs.

APPROACH: Inspiring talks, personal reflections, group & pair activities, videos, role-plays, energizers.

FEE: 199USD per participant inclusive of snacks, lunches, certificates, and training materials.
DATES, TIMING & VENUE: Wed-Thu-Fri, 1-2-3 Apr 2015 from 08:00-17:00 at Green Palace Hotel.

BOOKING & REGISTRATION: 099919144 / 060444494 /

THE TRAINER IN BRIEF: MBA in 2007. Over 13 years of practical experience with both international companies and organizations on general & life insurances, food & beverage, advertising, business consulting, auto vehicle, commercial banking and healthcare. Chairman, governing board of directors of BSDA. Founder of vbuild leaders. Trained and directly inspired over 6,000 participants nationwide.
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