Child Development and Positive Child Discipline
 Training on
Child Development and Positive Child Discipline
04 April 2015

Child Development and The Positive Child Disciplines is a one days training programme for parents, carers, teachers, social workers and those who want to know more about child development. The programme is suitable for children aged 2-12 years that promotes positive behaviors through teaching effective discipline strategies and building the parents child relationship stronger. The programme is adapted from evidence based knowledge and techniques. The programme that have been demonstrated in clinical trials to reduce anxiety and problem behaviours in young children.

Upon the completion of this one-day training, participants are expected to:

  • Helping you to understand and manage your child’s behaviors and taking care of them in the positive way
  • Helping you to know how to discipline your child effectively
  • Be able to create good environment for children’s study  
  • Be able to create good Environment for study of the children 

Parents, carers, social work and primary school teacher who want to learn more about how to raise confident and capable children and learn how to be more effective cares. Couples are encourage to attend.

  1. Overview of child development in general perspective.
  2. Engage with play and special play
  3. How to give praise and reward to your children. 
  4. Limit setting on the negative behaviour.
  5. Ignoring for some negative behaviour happened again and again.
  6. Putting consequence properly and effectively to make change.
  7. Develop good study habits
  8. Create a Conducive Environment for Study
  9. Communicate regularly and Well
  10. Be there for them 
Hoeur Sethul is a counseling psychologist and Director of KCPS. He was trained in counseling psychology at De La Salle University in the Philippines. He has more than 15 year experiences in counselling and delivering training both nationally and internationally. He conducted his practicum in counselling at the University of the Philippines (UP), the most prestigious university in the Philippines. He is currently clinical counseling supervisor at Hagar International in Cambodia and clinical consultant for Cambodia Children’s Fund.

A combination of didactic teaching with discussion groups relating the principles to participants’ own work.

Course:            Child Development and Positive Child Discipline
Date:                04 April 2015 (1 day)
Venue:             Hotel/Restaurant located in Phnom Penh
Time:               8:00am-4:30pm
Language:       Khmer
Free:                Lunch, Refreshment, Materials and Certificate.
Fee:                 Individual US$ 80.00, Couples US$140.00 Group of Three US$60.00/person. Early bird before
                        28 March 2015: Individual US$ 70, Couples US$130 Group of Three US$50/person

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