Raise yourself to help others. Be an unstoppable winner.

An emerging economy grows fast. Such a country always reveals lots of great opportunities for positive thinkers. Such a country desperately needs qualified individuals to help her grow. Qualified individuals are therefore highly sought after at private, not-for-profit, and state offices. At vbuild leaders, we participate in developing the kingdom through nurturing positive thinking and highly qualified leaders for tomorrow better Cambodia.

1.GET inspired to understand the self and set and persistently pursue personal life goals.
2.DARE to think & dream BIG while starting small actions as a life-long learner.
3.BE happier, healthier and more peaceful to achieve more in life and careers.
4.LEARN and regulate personal attitude and behaviors for positive impact towards others.
5.GET INSPIRED to adhere to worthy principles, rules and ethics in management.
6.LEARN how to create vision, mission and core values with team for moving ahead.
7.MASTER the selling, public speaking, listening and interpersonal communication skill.
8.GET INSPIRED to adhere to noble habits and values as a role model citizen.
9.GET INSPIRED to lead from the inside out by being an example.
10.DEVELOP & attach the self to good and successful daily habits.
11.GET employed at a better pay and get promoted faster.
12.GET INSPIRED to care in nurturing leaders amongst followers.
13.GET INSPIRED to enable an encouraging environment.
14.BECOME talented in recognizing staff’s and others achievement.

1.MASTERING the 7 habits of highly effective people & leaders.
2.UNDERSTANDING the working mind and the sub-conscious mind.
3.SETTING and being committed to personal and career goals.
4.THE interpersonal communication & teamwork skill.
5.INSPIRATIONS to the lifelong learning habits.
6.MASTERING the emotional intelligence for leaders.
7.MASTERING the world-class selling skill.
8.MASTERING the public speaking & presentation skill.
9.MASTERING the charismatic leadership qualities.
10.MANAGING own priorities & values.
11.MASTERING the motivation secrets for top leaders.
12.MASTERING the communication secrets for top leaders.

WHO SHOULD JOIN US? University students, supervisors, managers, directors and young entrepreneurs.
APPROACH: Inspiring talks, personal reflections, group & pair activities, videos, role-plays, energizers.
FEE: 499USD per pax inclusive of 8 books, an overnight provincial trip, certificate, & training materials.
DATES, TIMING & VENUE: Mon-Fri, 17:30-20:30 for 8 weeks from 23 Mar-22 May at vbuild leaders office.
BOOKING & REGISTRATION: 099919144 / 060444494 /

THE TRAINER IN BRIEF: MBA in 2007. Over 13 years of practical experience with both international companies and organizations on general & life insurances, food & beverage, advertising, business consulting, auto vehicle, commercial banking and healthcare. Chairman, governing board of directors of BSDA. Founder of vbuild leaders. Trained and directly inspired over 6,000 participants nationwide.

Course start: 23 Mar
vbuild leaders
24-26 Mar
vbuild leaders
01-03 Apr
vbuild leaders
28-30 Apr
vbuild leaders
05-07 May
vbuild leaders
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