Self-motivation. Self-leadership. Success mindset.

Highly motivated personalities live worthy lives while positively impacting the lives of others. Pleasing and successful personalities attract to themselves positive and optimistic thinkers. They therefore attract success, happiness and wealth into their lives. At vbuild leaders, we build extraordinary personalities out of ordinary people.

1.GET inspired to set and persistently pursue personal life goals.
2.DARE to think & dream BIG while starting small actions.
3.DEVELOP & attach the self to good and successful daily habits.
4.KNOW the self better & be of more valuable service to others.
5.OWN the dream while mastering the mind to live life with better meaning.
6.BECOME energetically inspired to strive for excellence in any task ahead.
7.BE happier and healthier to win more in life and careers.
8.GET employed at a better pay and get promoted faster.
9.BE willing to continue learning to discover more.
10.ENJOY a better peace of mind & self-satisfaction.

1.THE self-image, the self-esteem and the positive.
2.CURING yourself of the failure disease.
3.TURNING defeat into victory.
4.GROWING confidence and destroying fear.
5.THINKING big & developing worthy life goals.
6.PLANNING a concrete success building program.
7.MANAGING your environment: go first class.
8.THE communication secrets for top leaders.
9.THE charismatic leadership qualities.
10.MANAGING your own priorities & values.
11.DEVELOPING the action & success habits.
12.MASTERING the motivation secrets for top leaders.

WHO SHOULD JOIN US? Supervisors, managers, directors and young entrepreneurs.
APPROACH: Inspiring talks, personal reflections, group & pair activities, videos, role-plays, energizers.
FEE: 199USD per participant inclusive of snacks, lunches, certificates, and training materials.
DATES, TIMING & VENUE: Tue-Wed-Thu, 5-6-7 May 2015 from 08:00-17:00 at Green Palace Hotel.
BOOKING & REGISTRATION: 099919144 / 060444494 / 

THE TRAINER IN BRIEF: MBA in 2007. Over 13 years of practical experience with both international companies and organizations on general & life insurances, food & beverage, advertising, business consulting, auto vehicle, commercial banking and healthcare. Chairman, governing board of directors of BSDA. Founder of vbuild leaders. Trained and directly inspired over 6,000 participants nationwide.
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