Certificate of Cambodian Taxation


Certificate of Cambodian Taxation
Course starts 07 March 2015, Every Saturday 14:00 – 17:00 (45 hours)

Cambodia’s taxation rules vary according to the taxpayer’s regime. FIC has managed to deliver the most practical courses in this area in order to help SMEs cope with the rising demand for full compliance with Cambodian taxation law.

To enhance the skills of tax accountants to declare proper taxes and deal with tax audit.

I. Taxation
  • General overview of taxation in Cambodia
II. Minimum Tax
  • General overview
  • Administration
III. Withholding taxes
  • Definition
  • Withholding tax rate
  • Dividend distribution
  • Rental of movable and immovable property
  • Other payments
  • Royalties on Intangibles
  • Interest from one Resident Taxpayer to another Resident Taxpayer
  • Interest paid by a domestic bank to a resident tax payer
  • Interest paid by a domestic bank to a resident tax payer with non-fixed term deposit
  • Deductibility of withholding taxes
IV. Tax on salary
  • General overview
  • Residency
  • Taxable salary
  • Deductions
  • Rates of tax
  • Practical examples
  • Tax on Fringe Benefit
  • Administration
V. Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • General overview
  • Scope of application
  • Exempt goods and services
  • Rates of ax
  • Basis of taxation
  • Commercial and Tax Invoices
  • Tax adjustment and credit note
  • Practical examples
  • Registration
  • Administration
VI. Tax on Profit
  • Scope of taxation
  • Residency and source
  • Rates of tax
  • Prepayments
  • Tax holidays
  • Calculation of taxable profits
  • Charitable contribution and interest expense calculation
  • Special depreciation
  • Losses
  • Transfer pricing
  • Administration
VII. Specific Tax on Certain Merchandise and services
  • General overview
  • Rates of tax
  • Basis of taxation
  • Administration
VIII. Import and export duties 
Other taxes
  • Tax for public lighting
  • Accommodation tax
  • Tax on house and land rent
  • Patent tax
  • Fiscal stamp tax
  • Tax on immovable property
  • Tax on unused land
  • Registration tax
  • Tax on means of transportation
  • Tax stamps
Other Important Issues
  • Double Taxation Agreements
  • International Agreements
  • CDC & Qualified Investment Project
  • Statutory Audit Requirement
  • Business Registration Procedures
  • Sample Invoices and Tax Declaration Forms
Mr. Loung Kim Heng is a very senior lecturer with 28 years of experience in Finance and Taxation in various private companies. He spent the majority of his working life with British American Tobacco before his retirement. Currently, he is a Finance Manager at Yi Tak Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Heng will share his hands-on experience to help students gain in-depth understanding about Cambodian taxation.

Course:            Certificate of Cambodian Taxation
Date:                Course starts 07 March 2015
Venue:             Financial Institute of Cambodia
Time:               Every Saturday 14:00 – 17:00 (45 hours)
Language:       English handout- Khmer presentation
Fee:                 US$ 137.50
Material:          Class Materials (compulsory): 10$/ subject  & Book:10$/ subject
Free:                Snack & coffee break, Career services support, 70% discount any classes retake, 7-day a
                         week internet use, 7-day a week library use and  Certificate based on Pass 50%,
                         Merit 60% & Distinction 75%

Financial Institute of Cambodia (FIC)
807 Preah Monivong Blvd., Phsar Derm Thkov, Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Mobile: 017 849 748/ 081 288 858,  Email: info@fic.edu.kh
Website: www: www.fic.edu.kh

Course start: 07 Mar
Course start: 08 Mar
Course start: 08 Mar
Course start: 08 Mar
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