WWF Conservation Workshop Grants

Conservation Workshop Grants fund organizations to train communities, stakeholders, park guards, and others on local and regional conservation issues. These grants support training workshops with a strong hands-on learning component that will build capacity for people living in WWF priority places in select countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Local organizations from select WWF-US priority countries must meet all of the eligibility criteria to be considered for a grant.

Organizations may request up to $7,500 for the proposed training.


To be eligible for an EFN Conservation Workshop Grant, the following criteria must be met:
  • Your organization must have an established presence in an eligible country.
  • Proposed training and capacity building activities must provide skills and knowledge to groups that will help advance conservation in an eligible country.
  • Proposal must include an active learning, practical skills, or field activity component.
  • Training must take place within one year of submission of the application.
  • Priority is given to organizations established in an eligible country for at least 3 years.
  • Priority is given to local and regional organizations that train local participants.
  • Priority will be given to organizations working in WWF priority ecoregions.


Organizations may submit an online application at any time. Completed applications will be reviewed on the dates noted above.
The training proposal should include a narrative description of the proposed project, including:
  1. The rationale for the workshop
  2. Main objectives and goals - If applicable, please mention how your workshop will address climate change. Be as specific as possible.
  3. Course agenda and methodology - This must include an active learning or training component.
  4. Timeline of workshop including preparation for workshop, workshop activities, follow up activities and evaluation
  5. Participant selection process including: why the target group was chosen, what criteria was used to select participants, a list of participants (if available at the time of submission)
  6. Expected outcomes including: short term (6 months-1 year) & long term expectations (1+ years)
  7. Method of evaluation - Describe how you will measure the expected outcomes (i.e. surveys, monitoring, % of reduction in destructive practices)
  8. Include a CV for the main trainer and attach a brief biography for the other trainers.
  9. A detailed project budget (not exceeding USD$7,500).
Important Note About Proposals: When filling out your application, we strongly encourage you to evaluate your activities and outcomes closely and describe them in as much detail as possible. Do not be vague. The selection committee is looking for specific goals and outcomes that are achievable and reasonable. We are looking for clear outcomes with conservation impacts that are measurable and clearly transfer knowledge and skills to participants.

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