Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize

The Jacobs Foundation is issuing a call for nominations for the Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize. The prize, which is endowed with a cash award of one million Swiss francs, recognizes the work of scholars devoted to promoting the successful development and life chances of children and youth.

Experts and professional organizations all over the world who are engaged in research on children and youth are encouraged to submit nominations. Potential recipients include members of any academic discipline that seeks to encourage the positive development of children and adolescents, including education, education economics, political science, neuroscience, sociology, psychology, linguistics and medicine.

An international committee will select a prize winner with an outstanding record of achievement.

The Jacobs Foundation is one of the world’s leading charitable foundations dedicated to facilitating innovations for children and youth. It was established in 1989 by Klaus J. Jacobs and his family in an
effort to benefit future generations by providing young people with better opportunities for development, so that they can become productive and socially responsible members of society. The Jacobs
Foundation’s role is to serve as a source of ideas and a promoter of innovation in the field of child and youth development.

We support research and intervention of the highest quality leading to significant and vital outcomes for children and youth worldwide. We believe in the effectiveness of interlinking excellent research with practical intervention programs to better bridge the gap between existing challenges and aspired solutions. We promote public dialogue by connecting people from the fields of science, policy, society and economy, creating platforms for discussion and raising awareness for the needs and opportunities to improve the living conditions of next generations.

The Foundation applies a strength-based concept of child and youth development, seeing young people as positive resources. This concept emphasizes the possibility of successful development among all children and youth and promotes their potential for a healthy personal development. It focuses on competences and well-being of children and youth as well as on their contributions to their families, their broader communities and nations, to the quality of civic life, social cohesion, civil society, and peace. It embraces a broad range of approaches and disciplines, spanning from the psychological, cognitive, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, academic, and economic to the physical development of young people.

The Research Prize explicitly addresses all scholarly disciplines contributing to a productive development of children and youth as described above. This includes, but is not limited to, psychology, education, economics, sociology, family studies, media studies, political sciences, linguistics, neurosciences, and medical sciences.

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