Abilis Foundation Small Grants

Abilis Foundation supports activities that contribute toward equal opportunities for disabled people in society through human rights, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency. Special priority is given to projects on advocating for human rights of disabled people and to activities developed and implemented by disabled women.

Abilis Foundation gives small grants to projects initiated by persons with disabilities. Abilis supports organizations that are run by persons who have a disability, be it related to mobility, vision, hearing or any other type of disability. Organisations that are run by parents of children with disabilities can also be supported by Abilis.
Abilis’ objective is to support projects that promote:
• Equal
• independent living
• human rights
• and independent livelihood

We support organizations that include persons with disabilities in their leadership. We support organisations of people with mobility, visual, hearing or any other type of disability. We can also support organisations that are run by parents of children with disabilities.

The applications are first analysed by the office team who may ask the applicant to provide more information if necessary. Then they are discussed at the next meeting of the board of directors. The board may decide to accept or reject a project for funding, or possibly to request more information. In any case, the applicant is informed of the decision

ABILIS Foundation judges the applications according to the involvement of persons with disabilities, including their role in developing the project and in committing their own resources to the project (including time). The project must be realistic in its scope and expected results. The application must show how the project will continue to benefit the community once the project’s funding term has been completed.

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