Norwegian Forest and Climate Initiative

Norad’s Department for Civil Society under the Norwegian Forest and Climate Initiative (NICFI) announces a call for proposals from civil society organisations working on Climate and Forest issues. The new grant scheme will run over a period of five years.

In order to achieve these outcomes, four thematic areas are of particular importance. Therefore, applicants are asked to submit proposals within the following thematic areas:
  1. Indigenous and Other Forest-dependent Populations’ Rights and Interests
  2. Commodity Supply Chains and Green Growth
  3. Legality, Transparency and Governance
  4. International Consensus on REDD+
Who can apply?
Priority will be given to civil society actors working within the field of reduced deforestation and forest degradation in targeted developing countries.
Inter-governmental organisations outside the UN may in exceptional cases receive support. Independent competence centers or think tanks with an idealistic, non-commercial purpose may also receive support.

The applying organisations are invited to present proposals that can contribute to one or several of the following outcomes for the grant scheme:
  1. Incentives to achieve REDD+ efforts are established through the new international climate regime and/or other climate, environment and development funding streams.
  2. Governments in targeted developing countries have implemented REDD+ related policies, measures and safeguards, such as policies for green growth, sustainable livelihoods, land use-planning, the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities and women’s rights.
  3. Private sector actors have implemented social and environmental policies and practices that reduce the pressure on forests, and are engaged in global public private partnerships to reduce deforestation.

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