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Our sincere apologies for the delay in opening the 2015 grant cycle – we just had some housecleaning to do. But we’re ready now! Thanks once again to the generous support of the Foundation to Promote Open Society, we will be offering one $20,000 grant in 2015, and naming four finalists.
The application deadline is Monday, December 3, 2014. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FILING: Sadly, we have to revert to Dropbox for uploading applications. Filing via our website proved to be trickier than expected last year. Please be sure to read the application guidelines on the following page, which includes specific directions about filing on Dropbox. Applications that do not follow these directions will be not be considered in the judging.
We will announce the grant winner before Christmas. As always, applicants will be the first to know before we issue a general press release.
It’s been a tough year for so many people in this world. There are so many aftermaths to come. But it reminds me that post-conflict stories are more important than ever. I’ve often said that war all too often defines our inhumanity – and that the aftermath of conflict is where we define our humanity. And photographs do that, I believe, better than almost any other medium. They help us understand what it meansto be human.
1. The Aftermath Project is open to working photographers world-wide who are interested in creating work that helps illumine aftermath issues, and encourages greater public understanding and discussion of these issues.
2. Employees and directors of The Aftermath Project, and their immediate families are NOT eligible to apply for funding. Advisory board members and their immediate families are NOT eligible to apply for funding. Grant application judges, and their immediate families, are NOT eligible to apply for funding in the year that judges help choose grantees.
3. Only those submissions including all required materials will be considered for entry.
Grant winner(s) and finalists retain all copyrights to their work. Obligations to The Aftermath Project are as follows:
1. Grant winner agrees to give The Aftermath Project 12 prints, chosen by the grant winner in collaboration with The Aftermath Project, for its archives at project completion. Prints must be 16x20 inches or larger.
2. Grant winner agrees to make at least 30 images from his/her grant work available to The Aftermath Project for inclusion in “War is Only Half the Story, Vol Seven” and/or in commercial publications of anniversary retrospectives of the Aftermath Project. No financial compensation — other than the grant money awarded —will be made for publishing winner’s photos in said publications. The Aftermath Project does not guarantee that any publication will be produced by The Aftermath Project, alone, or in partnership with other publishers. However, if such publications are made, grant winner will be included in editorial and lay-out decisions. If such publications are made, winner will receive 30 free copies of said publication.
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