Jacobs Foundation

Ever since the Jacobs Foundation was founded, research funding has constituted the core element of its strategy. To be able to effectively and sustainably support children and young people, we must know and understand how they develop.

Our aim is to identify and support the most innovative globally leading researchers in the field of child and youth development in order to promote the scientific advancement. With our funding instruments we address all academic disciplines that contribute to a better understanding and the improvement of child and youth development including psychology, education and economic sciences, sociology, family studies, media studies, political science, linguistics, neurosciences, biology and (epi-) genetics and medicine.

We are convinced that research plays a key role in the development, evaluation, refinement and dissemination of interventions, programs, and policies for children and youth. Newer types of scientific intervention research rigorously identify those factors which are able to bridge the “research-to-practice” gap, making it possible to maximize the effectiveness of interventions, programs and strategies as soon as these are transferred into real-world settings.

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships
Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships offer support for the most innovative researchers in child and youth development.

Marbach Castle Residence Program
The Jacobs Foundation Marbach Castle Residence Program offers senior and/or junior (post-doctoral) researchers in the field of child and youth development an inspiring setting for conducting uninterrupted, goal-oriented, collaborative work.

Jacobs Young Scholars
Promising young scholars participate in the Jacobs Foundation’s annual Marbach Conferences and work on joint research projects within the topic areas of the Marbach Conferences.

LIFE Fellows
Doctoral students from Zurich University participate in an international interdisciplinary program aimed at studying changes in human behavior over the lifespan.

CCLM Fellows
Doctoral students focusing on neuroscientific and behavioral approaches to human cognition take part in an internationally recognized network of collaborating researchers. 

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