Effective Communication Skills at Work

 Training on
Effective Communication Skills at Work
27-28 November 2014
Effective Communication takes real skills. These communication skills have to be developed, honed and added to on an ongoing basis. They are the heart of interpersonal skills and the greater your awareness of how it all works, the more effective your communication will be. Our work on communication skills training includes influencing, negotiation, making an impact, dealing with conflict and difficult people - really, anything that has to do with people dealing with other people with far more confidence, assurance and authenticity.

Upon the completion of this two-day training, participants are expected to:
  • Know the process and channels of communication in the workplace
  • Communicate with people effectively both in persons and writing
  • Be able to make first impression and building good work relationship
  • Acquire the techniques for giving and getting feedbacks
  • Communicate in the meeting effectively
  • Enhance negotiation, persuasion and influence skills


Module 1: Essentials of Communication at Work
  • Communication process
  • Channels of communication in the workplace
  • Information flow in the organization  
Module 2: Components of Effective Communication
  • The 7 Cs of communication
  • Foundation of Effective communication
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Keep the communication simple
Module 3: Communication in Persons and in Writing
  • Making a great first impression
  • Building good work relationship
  • Writing Skills
  • Email Communication
Module 4: Managing Feedback
  • Giving and getting feedback
  • Giving praise
  • Feedback matrix
Module 5: Meeting Communication
  • Running effective meeting
  • Writing meeting notes
Module 6: Presentation skills
  • Presentation planning
  • Managing presentation nerves
  • Creating effective presentation visuals 
  • Delivering great presentation

Mr. Sophornmony Ung is a holder of MED in management and leadership from Charles Darwin University in Australia and MBA in Management from Norton University in Cambodia. Mr. Mony has had more than ten-year experience in giving lectures and training on various courses associated with management and leadership. His career development is interesting as he has advanced through different senior positions in a short period of time. For the last three years, he has moved up from vice-principal of a school to executive manager of an institution and to human resources manager of a group of companies.    Currently, Mr. Mony is the chief of CEO secretariat of Westline Education Group (WEG), which runs The Westline School, The Northline School and Educational Development Institute (EDI). He is also the executive director of EDI, where he manages a variety of programs and services such as training, consulting, research, TESOL training, journalism training, and English Vocational training.

This program is essentially participative and practical. Emphasis on learning through experience, both from structured exercises and group discussions lead the way to effective understanding.

This training course is designed for managers and professionals whose work is to communicate with regularly diversity of people which require different approaches to get the job done.

Date:                27-28 November 2014
Venue:             Hotel/Restaurant located in Phnom Penh
Time:                8 am- 5 pm
Language:       Khmer
Fee:                 US$ 200 (Exclude any Taxes)
Early Bird:       US$ 180 (Register before Nov 19)
The Fee includes: Lunch, Refreshment, Materials and  Certificate. 

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
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Email: director@edi-cambodia.org   / training@edi-cambodia.org

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