Genesis Generation Challenge

The Genesis Generation Challenge welcomes multi-disciplinary teams of young adults to propose big ideas to better the world. Each team must consist of approximately 10 individuals and must designate a team leader (age 20-36). Other team members must be 18 years or older. Teams may represent nonprofit or for profit entities. Because the idea must offer a sustainable and scalable solution to an important problem, we are seeking social entrepreneurs and others with experience delivering projects with lasting and innovative change in their communities and the world.

Are you passionate about solving a communal or global problem? Have you wondered how you could make your dream job a reality and do what you love? The Genesis Generation Challenge will turn passion into reality for ten winning teams, through grants of $100,000 (USD) each, connections to mentors, and opportunities to convene and learn from one another. Benefits exist even for those teams that do not win; they will become part of an active network of forward thinking and connected individuals from whom they can receive feedback and grow their ideas.

You must register before Tuesday, September 30th (midnight, EST), to participate. Registrants must provide basic information about themselves, and they are invited to begin using tools to connect with others. After you have registered, you can complete your own user profile, to indicate your interests and experience. Registrants enjoy a broad range of benefits, including access to our prize administrators and opportunities to participate in webinars to receive instruction and guidance.

Each team must submit a complete application that meets specific requirements by October 28th. The Genesis Generation Challenge is designed to offer an open, fair, and transparent process for registrants. To inform your decision, even before you have registered or formed a team, we are offering you all of those application requirements. Please read them and consider the level of effort required to succeed.

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