THET Health Partnership Scheme

THET is delighted to announce that the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) has extended support for the Health Partnership Scheme (HPS) beyond 2015. The additional £10 million in funding will allow the Scheme to run until 2017 and ensure that established partnerships between NHS hospitals, universities and health institutions from across the UK and their counterparts in low and middle-income countries will have the opportunity to sustain successes and build on the progress they have already made.

The grants form part of the Health Partnership Scheme (HPS) which is a six-year programme that funds health partnerships to carry out training and capacity-building projects in low-income countries.  The Scheme is funded by the UK Department for International Development and managed by THET.

This funding opportunity is to offer additional support to the health partnership community (Under category 4 of the Extension Funding Overview) and is for partnerships who did not receive funding under the first phase of HPS. It is intended to fund projects strengthening the capacity of the developing country’s health services. All those considering applying should carefully read the eligibility and funding criteria contained in the Grant Overview as these differ from previous grant streams.

Funding Available
There are three tiers of funding:
A - £10,000-£30,000
B - £30,000-£100,000
C - £100,000-£250,000

Core Eligibility
The core requirements for Additional Support to the Health Partnership Community grants are:
Grant recipients are eligible institutions (see Grant Overview)
Applications must be made by established Health Partnerships who have not previously received funding under the Health Partnership Scheme (this relates to partnerships not individual partners)
Projects must be operating within low- or middle-income countries
Letters of support from each institution must be submitted along with the application

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