PTES worldwide small grants

Our worldwide small grants programme offers a number of small grants for short-term conservation and research projects. The programme offers grants between £2,000 and £8,000 for projects of up to two years duration. Most grants will not exceed £5,000.

These competitive grants are from a limited central fund and are awarded yearly. It is hoped that these grants will enable innovative work and discreet projects to be carried out.

We have awarded grants to scientific researchers and conservationists for many years for work that is aimed at the preservation of endangered species, either through research or practical field work.
We only accept grant requests from applicants already working and established in either the UK, UK overseas territories or any country NOT classified by the World Bank as high-income. Please go to the World Bank web page to check if your country applies. Priority is given to native project leaders working in their own country.

Please note that as of spring 2014 PTES is no longer accepting any grant applications – for either worldwide or UK work – on bird species. For organisations that do support projects on birds please visit Terra Viva grants.

Priority is given to applications for conservation and research work on species classified as endangered, critically endangered and extinct in the wild by the IUCN.

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