Motivation secrets for great leaders

Greetings from vbuild leaders!
Should you join this two-day program on 'motivation secrets for great leaders'? You should NOT if your answer is 'yes' to any of the following statements: 
1) I can empower my staff very well.
2) I can get my staff to deliver better results consistently.
3) I can get my staff to serve clients exactly as I have always wanted to.
4) I can empower all my staff to work well regardless of their education background.
5) I have already been a motivational leader at my workplace.
6) I have been well regarded as a role modeling leader.
7) I have already set my personal and professional goals for another 5 years.

If 'no' is the answer to any of the above statements, please come join us with our two-day intensive training program on 'motivation secrets for great leaders'! We'll inspire and coach you to answer 'yes' to all of the above statements and more.

At vbuild leaders, we build GREAT leaders!

Warm regards,
Say Savuth
Motivational speaker and trainer

26-27 Jul
vbuild leaders
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