International Citizen Media Award

The International Citizen Media Award 2014 intends to honor tremendous international work in the field of citizen media and its products in the categories “Video” and “Audio” that have been created by private, non-commercial producers.

The award distinguishes the dedication of citizens of all countries and their audiovisual products and their reporting concerning locally, regionally, globally and socially relevant topics.

The current developments in the economic, technological and social area lead to an increasing importance of work-life-balance, equally for companies, employees and the general society. The working conditions have changed both in the private as well as in the public sector by an ever changing economic situation and emerging global markets. Nowadays fixed-term contracts and limited financial resources increase the need for stability and security on the side of the workforce and the demands of flexibility of their employees on the side of the companies.

Reconciling work and family life is a challenge for every society and culture. It is applicable on different levels of life. Technological innovations in the field of information and communication technology have not only triggered the restructuring of the work environment, but also have broken out extensive changes in the everyday life of people. Through the constant accessibility, the work and family life very often flows together. This could be the perfect way for a good balance, but it can also cause the opposite and let all life situations melt together and break down into a burnout or any other mental and physical illness.

The submitted products can show positive and negative examples of work – life – balance experiences and how to manage reconciling work and family life. The different perspectives (companies, employees, the general society) can be taken into consideration.

Hence the focus is on the issue, the quality of the media implementation, the authenticity, the relevance of the research and the originality in the foreground. The peculiarities of the productions will be considered by the jury in an appropriate manner. Besides the personal interest, quality, medial implementation, activity, authenticity, extent and relevance of research, design elements and innovativeness are relevant. Special features of the products in the different categories (genres) will be especially considered by the jury.

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