Handprint Challenge: Sustainability Challenge for Colleges in Asia-Pacific

Supported by UNEP, this challenge aims at promoting sustainability in college students across Asia and the Pacific by asking students to form teams (not exceeding 10 members per team), identify sustainability issues on their campus and propose an action plan to be implemented by them in the upcoming months. Top teams will be given a seed funding of up to USD 1000 each (upto USD 750 for preliminary qualifiers and an extra USD 500 for final winners), to implement their action plans and carry out sustainability activities on campus. The reports from these teams will be uploaded and updated on the SAYEN website and their individual profiles on the contest page and based on their Handprint, the teams with the largest Handprint in their region will be adjudged winners and awarded the Handprint flag in an award ceremony at the end of 2014.

The Handprint Challenge is a sustainability challenge for all colleges in the Asia-Pacific region. The Challenge is divided into two stages. In the preliminary stage, participants are required to form teams of up to 10 members and fill the application form, wherein they will be asked to identify a sustainability issue on their college campus and submit an action plan for the sustainability project they want to undertake. Based on their applications, top 20 teams will be selected who will be eligible for an initial seed funding of up to USD 750. These teams will then move on to the implementation stage where they will be given upto 75 days to implement their action plans and showcase the results on the contest page and other platforms.

Only a bonafide student, who is currently officially enrolled/registered for a degree or diploma at the university/college whose status is recognized by the appropriate authority of the country, which is of a minimum duration of one academic year and whose examination is conducted by the university shall be eligible to participate. Age limit is from 17 years to 24 years.

Based on these outcomes, the finalists will then be judged by an eminent jury and 4 winners- 1 in each sub-region will be adjudged the winners, who will then be awarded with the Handprint flag and an additional USD 500 to continue their action projects and ensure a larger Handprint!

The objective of the challenge is to create awareness in the field of sustainable development and motivate youth to live in a sustainable manner. As today’s youth defines tomorrow’s future the awareness and action is most important on their part.

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