Korea Green Foundation

Korea Green Foundation is the center of environmental network in Asia helping people to recognize environmental issues as the most urgent and significant problems of our time through cultural methods and expertise.

To provide grant to NGOs or civic organizations in Asia working for the public good, especially for the environmental issues in their areas

The Korea Green Foundation’s Green Asia Grant annually provides financial aid to NGOs and civic organizations in the Asia region. This program is made to support NGOs who work on regional and global environmental issues and aim to build a network with Asia partners for environmental conservation.

Projects in any of subject closely related to target area issues are welcomed.
  • Biodiversity 
  • Climate Disaster (disaster prevention, local resilience, etc.)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Other Environmental Issues in Local Areas

Eligibility: NGOs, NPOs or civil society organization in Asia working for the public good are encouraged to apply for this program.

Type (Content): Please select ‘only one’ of the appropriate items below. Any type of projects based on activity is welcomed.
  • Education
  • Campaign
  • Research
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