Humanitarian Innovation Fund

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund currently has two funding mechanisms – a small grant facility and a large grant facility - which reflect the stage at which an innovation is at in the innovation process.

Recognition of a problem, a challenge, or an obstacle to be overcome; with a corresponding opportunity for innovation. Invention of a solution, or an idea, which helps to address the problem or seize the opportunity.

Development of the innovation by creating practical, actionable plans and guidelines. Implementation of the innovation to produce real instances of changed practice, often initially using pilots and then scaling up promising innovations.

Diffusion of the innovation leading to its wider adoption, outside the original setting. This might include various formal and informal communications channels, and may involve the original innovation being continually developed and refined.

In addition to the HIF Purpose outlined above, all proposals will be assessed against the following selection criteria (equally weighted):
  • Potential impact and scalability
  • Methodology
  • Project Feasibility
  • Team composition and capacity to implement

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