Front Line Defenders Security Grants

In 2001, Front Line Defenders launched its highly successful Security Grants programme to provide timely and efficient financial assistance to human rights defenders at risk.

Front Line Defenders Security Grants can pay for organisational and personal provisions to improve the security and protection of a Human Rights Defenders and their organisation. Grants can pay to improve physical security of an organisation, digital security, communication security, legal fees for HRDs who are being judicially harassed. They can pay for medical fees for HRDs who have been attacked or who have suffered a medical condition as a result of their peaceful human rights activities. We can also provide family assistance for imprisoned HRDs. Grants are for amounts up to a maximum of €7,500. We fund emergency and general security grants.

You can submit an application for a Front Line Defenders Security Grant by answering the following questions and sending in your application form to the address below.
  • Contact details of the applicant, and must include full name, organisation, address of organisation, phone number and email, and the name of the person accountable to Front Line for the organisation.
  • What security risks are you facing and why?
  • What do you want to do and how would the proposed grant make a difference to your security and reduce the risks you face?
  • What results do you expect? Is there a way to measure whether it has made a difference? (this will be what we expect to be covered in your narrative report on the grant in addition to original receipts for purchases)
  • Give a breakdown of costs and an explanation of how costs have been arrived at. (Where items are to be purchased Front Line Defenders may ask to see several pro forma quotes and/or may propose making the purchase elsewhere and sending the items)
  • Give a concise outline of your group/organisation to include its aims, previous activities, membership, organisational structure, financial structure, work with other groups or networks.
  • If you are in contact with Front Line Defenders for the first time please give contact details (name, organisation, phone, email) for at least two referees who are well known within the human rights community in your country or internationally and who know your human rights work and the risks and threats that you face as a result of your activities.

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