WOP-P - Master in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology

The Master in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P) aims to provide excellent experts in WOP-P for the enduring and new challenges and demands of workers, enterprises, public and third sector, social agents, and the society. To this end, the WOP-P Master: a) trains competencies related to both performance and well-being of individual employees, work-units, and organizations; b) offers a rigorous preparation of WOP Psychologists following the Scientist-Practitioner Model; c) develops an integrated program in order to  stimulate the joint diploma in WOP-P and the recognition of the diploma across European countries, as well as the dialogue between Europe and other parts of the world; and d) promote students' career development and their opportunities in professional and research settings (doctoral programmes).

Five European institutions (Universities of Valencia, Barcelona, Bologna, Coimbra, and Paris Descartes) and two third-country universities (Universities of Guelph and Brasilia) (the WOP-P Consortium) are responsible for the organization and implementation of the WOP-P Master within the Erasmus Mundus Programme. In addition, a network of companies (e.g., SHL) and research institutes/universities (e.g., IVIE, San Jose State University in USA) are associates of the WOP-P Master, offering resources for the training of professional and research competencies. The EFPA (European Federation of Psychological Associations) is also an associate of the WOP-P Master, promoting the congruence between the Master and the European Certificate in Psychology.

The WOP-P Master has duration of 2 years (60 ECTS per year). The Master includes courses about work, organizational, and personnel psychology. An additional workload is devoted to professional internship (20 ECTS) and research training (28 ECTS), in addition to specific courses about methodology for professional practice and investigation. Finally, the International Winter School of the WOP-P Master (12 ECTS) focuses the attention on competencies for design, creation of new tools, and intervention innovations. This Winter School also offers the opportunity to develop professional competencies in an international and multicultural environment with face-to-face and virtual interaction.

With regard to the teaching staff, an number of well-recognized scholars in the flied, pertaining to the universities of the consortium, participate in the WOP-P Master. Additionally, international teaching staff coming from other countries and institutions beyond the Consortium (Netherlands, USA, Singapore, England, etc.) is involved.

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