VINIFERA EuroMaster - European Master of Science of Viticulture and Enology

Vinifera EuroMaster (European Masters of Viticulture and Enology) offers a gateway to positions worldwide for executives and managers in vine and wine sectors. Vinifera EuroMaster Alumni students will create a network of international experts diffusing European visions on wine, providing international knowledge of the sector in all its diversities and specificities.

This EMMC is organized by EMaVE Consortium composed of partners from 5 European countries:
- France (Montpellier SupAgro / ENITA Bordeaux),
- Germany (Hochschule RheinMain, University of Applied Sciences / Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim / Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
- Italy (Consorzio fra le Università degli studi di Udine / Padova / Verona ;
Consorzio fra le Università degli studi di Torino / Milano / Palermo / Foggia / Sassari),
- Portugal (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, ISA / Universidade do Porto, Fac. de Ciências)
- Spain (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSIA).

Each of these partners universities have accreditation for a national Master Degree of Viticulture, Enology, and related Economic and Social Sciences. They deliver a joint degree after successful completion of Vinifera EuroMaster. Most lecturers and professors are experts and researchers in their disciplines thus guaranteeing high standard of education. Many lectures are given by professionals.

Vinifera EuroMaster is a two-year multidisciplinary Master course (120 ECTS). All the 32-34 students spend the first year in Montpellier, France; lectures are all in English. Second-year lectures are delivered in English in Germany and Portugal, but mainly in native languages in Italy and Spain. The curriculum includes elementary training of French in first year, and also of German or Portuguese if needed in second year; for students who choose Italy or Spain in second year, B2 level in local language is required, but language preparation is provided during first year.

First year program is composed of common study core modules delivered by lecturers, professors, researchers, from all EMaVE institutions. Modules are sequential, except for Languages and Sensory
Analysis. An initial immersion sequence facilitates students’ integration. Further sequences help them make the final choice of hosting country in year 2. The final module is a study trip to various terroirs in different European countries.

Second year programs are mainly composed of elective modules (30 ECTS) allowing students to build a specialised curriculum fitted to their professional goals. The last Semester is devoted to the Master thesis preparation (30 ECTS).

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