Valuing Nature programme discipline-hopping fellowships

The Valuing Nature programme is a five year interdisciplinary NERC-led research programme in collaboration with ESRC, BBSRC, AHRC and Defra. On behalf of the programme funders, NERC are inviting applications from early-career researchers who wish to develop their understanding of the challenges identified in Goal 1 by developing their research expertise in a different discipline. The fellowships will address the aim of the programme by improving our understanding and questioning of:
  1. the complexities of the natural environment in valuation analyses;
  2. the wider societal and cultural value of ecosystems services;
  3. the links between ecosystem stocks and tipping points;
  4. how the values of ecosystem services change as tipping points are reached and exceeded; and
  5. critical levels of natural capital that avoid abrupt and damaging ecosystem change.
It is expected that up to three fellowships may be awarded to support environmental researchers to develop social science (including economic) expertise in relation to the goals of the Valuing Nature programme, and for social scientists (including economists) to gain natural science expertise in relation to the goals of the Valuing Nature programme.

Funds of up to £900k (80% FEC) are available in support of this call and applications are invited for proposals of a maximum of 36 months duration.

Eligibility and funding
This opportunity is open to individuals and organisations eligible for RCUK funding, i.e. applicants based in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s), RCUK Research and Collaborative Centres, and Independent Research Organisations (IRO’s) that are eligible to receive NERC or ESRC Managed Mode funding. Please refer the RCUK website for more information

Applicants must have a maximum of eight years of full-time postdoctoral research experience from the PhD certificate date to the closing date of the fellowship competition. The eight year window is based on full-time working. Where applicants have worked part-time or had research career breaks, the eight year window would be extended accordingly. For this call, applicants which meet the above criteria and with a permanent academic position (or equivalent in institutions other than universities) are also eligible and should be seconded from this position to the fellowship for the duration. For further enquiries about please refer to the contacts at the end of this document

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