tropEd - European Master in International Health

The field of International Health is concerned with health issues across regional and national boundaries, with a focus on poverty-related health problems and health systems. The Master course is based on the tropEd European Master of Science Programme in International Health, and is the result of a long-term collaboration of universities with vast expertise in International Health, starting in 1996. 

The main objective of the tropEd EMMC is to provide new graduates and experienced professionals with a unique learning experience that enable them to respond adequately and appropriately to the health needs and challenges facing populations in low, middle income and transitional countries. 

This one year programme, conducted by the University of Bordeaux 2 and taught in English and Spanish, enables students to acquire a distinctive global perspective in providing training in seven European Institutions and three Third Country Institutions, each contributing with specific expertise in a particular area of International Health.

In addition, three partners from the professional and research sector are involved: Global Pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis; The Netherlands Red Cross Society; Institut Recherche Développement (IRD). The tropEd EMMC offers five study tracks for specialisation in one particular aspect of International Health: Track 1: Disease Control; Track 2: Health Systems, Health Policy & Management; Track 3: Sexual and Reproductive Health; Track 4: Child Health; Track 5: Health Research Methods. Mobility in two to three European and non European institutions will be offered to students per track.

The consortium will deliver a coherent and integrated programme that combines the collective capabilities and experience of the participating institutions, which will enhance participant’s capacity to formulate effective and appropriate responses to complex policy and practice issues. Students will be awarded a joint/multiple degree.

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