SPACEMASTER - EMMC in Space Science and Technology

Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Space Science and Technology – SpaceMaster, 120 ECTS opens opportunities for all highly qualified students around the world to study space science and technology at an advanced level at six excellent European and two leading third-country universities in a research-oriented environment. The educational cooperation is supported by the associated scientific and industrial organisations. This provides direct contacts with professional research and business sectors, including the following associated members:
- Swedish Institute of Space Physics
- Swedish Space Corporation
- EISCAT Scientific Association
- Honeywell International s.r.o.
- EADS, Innovation Works

During two years of full-time studies the students obtain cross-disciplinary theoretical knowledge and practical skills by using the available scientific facilities such as radar systems, stratospheric balloons, robots, rockets and satellites. Specially organised study visits to European space companies help the students to establish direct contacts with space industry.

The Course consists of four semesters, each containing 30 ECTS. The 1st compulsory semester takes place at Julius-Maximilians Universität of Würzburg. The 2nd compulsory semester takes place at Luleå University of Technology, Kiruna. During the 3rd semester the students choose a European
partner university on the basis of their specialisation. During the 4th semester the students produce their Master thesis at the European and third-country partner universities. The thesis work is strongly connected with current space research and is performed in collaboration with the associated members and other international space organisations.

The Course is given in English. The Master Degree is achieved after successful accomplishment of 120 ECTS. The student who fulfil the requirements for the Master Degree receive a double Master Diploma, i.e. a Diploma certificate from Luleå University of Technology and a Diploma certificate from the second European partner university.

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