SELECT - Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainable energy services is one of the key issues for humanity, considering the complete environmental footprint for the services delivered. The SELECT Masters programme starts from the concept of basic renewable energy sources (sun, wind, geothermal and Moon driven tides) to establish the environomical pathways towards a future sustainable energy system. SELECT curriculum rests on a strong foundation in thermal sciences, emphasising the thermodynamic tools of exergy and thermoeconomic analysis. 

The SELECT Master programme offers a unique education, at a high academic level. It is an integrated programme from five European top universities in the energy area, and prepares the students for a direct industrial engagement.

SELECT gives a two-semester advanced introduction to the overall environomical pathways concept at one university (KTH), and specially selected focus areas at four other universities (Politecnico di Torino, Helsinki University of Technology, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, and Technical University of Catalonia) in the third semester. In the fourth (final) semester the students can perform the MSc thesis in an industrial setting in common supervision with researchers from any of the participating universities. 

The program offers extended industrial contacts as part of internships and seminars/workshops. The curriculum is highly integrated, first of all regarding to student and teacher mobility for certain common lectures, but also related to the extended use of remote teaching by the specialist teachers at all five universities, in conjunction with “face-to-face” and “virtual” interactive workshops and project courses. The program offers a unique, modern and highly interactive learning
material which enhances the student learning process.

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