SEFOTECH nut - European MSc in food science, technology and nutrition

The aim of the European MSc course (SEFOTECH.NUT) is to foster and develop knowledge and awareness of scientific trends and health issues in food science, technology and nutrition in a global context.

The course will provide students with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of global food issues, international trends and food problems, given the globalization of food industry along with highlighting ongoing problems and concerns with regard to food safety, nutrition and environmental
issues. In addition, the course will enhance the professional competencies of the students taking cognisance of management and ethics. These skills will enable young professionals to meet current demands for highly-skilled staff in food science, technology and nutrition.

The course is jointly offered by the Catholic University College, Ghent (Belgium), the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), the University of Applied Science of Anhalt in K├Âthen (Germany) and the Portuguese Catholic University, Porto (Portugal). Associate partners include: TUFTS University – USA, Northwest A&F University – China, National Institute of Public Health of Mexico, Michurinsk State Agrarian University – Russia, National Dairy Research Institute of Karnal – India.

SEFOTECH.NUT is a modular, international four-semester Masters course involving ten course modules, a professional competences module of one semester and a thesis semester. The course is fully integrated through six compulsory modules being offered at two partner institutions and eight optional modules being offered between all four partner institutions. The optional modules allow students to deepen their knowledge in particular food products, food groups, production sectors and in nutrition.

The professional competence module enables to establish partnership and strong links with socioeconomic sectors by providing extended theoretical and practical training in a specialized field. The studies can be taken in a minimum of two partner institutions.

The award of a joint European M.Sc. degree will be based on successful completion of ten modules (60 ECTS), the  professional competence module (30 ECTS) and thesis (30 ECTS). The SEFOTECH.NUT course is taught in English. The minimum entry requirements are an academic B.Sc. degree, or equivalent study, with excellent grades in relevant subjects such as Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Nutrition or Engineering or cognate subject area.

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