Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) Grant

The  Research  for  Health  in  Humanitarian  Crises  (R2HC)  programme  is  the  product  of  a  strategic  partnership  between  the  Department  for  International  Development  (DFID)  and  the  Wellcome  Trust,   with  ELRHA  overseeing  the  programme’s  execution  and  manageme.

The  overall  aim  of  the  R2HCprogramme  is  to  improve  health  outcomes  by  strengthening  the  evidence  base  for  public  health  interventions  in  humanitarian.

Funding available
  • Up to £4m of research funding is available in the Second Call. The R2HC is able to fund a wide range of grant sizes, including large grants that have the potential to generate significant impact. The number of grants and the total amount of funding approved will depend on the quality of proposals received.
  • Grants will be for a maximum duration of 24 months.
  • For those applicants selected to go forward to the second Full Application stage of the application, seed funding of up to £10,000 per application will be available. This will be provided to support the development of strong research partnerships and to undertake
  • preliminary data collection if necessary as part of the proposal development process. Applicants will be asked at the Expression of Interest stage whether they would wish to apply for seed funding, and if so to submit an outline seed funding budget and outline proposal.

Eligibility criteria
  • It is expected that successful applications will be developed and submitted by a consortium as appropriate to the research proposal . Consortia could include a variety of organizations (such as research institutions, operational organizations, governmental organizations, individual experts, and local implementing partners). Please note that
    R2HC research consortia must include both a research institution and an operational humanitarian organization.
  • The lead applicant may not be a profit-seeking enterprise or an individual (though these may form part of the research consortium). At the Expression of Interest stage, applicants will be asked to submit evidence of legal registration. For those proposals which progress beyond the Expression of Interest stage, further documents will be
    requested in order to conduct due diligence checks.

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