MISOCO - Joint European Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion

The general aim of the Master programme in International Migration and Social Cohesion is to educate students and to create a dialogue among students, professionals and policy makers who will understand advanced theories, techniques, and methodologies in the field of Migration Studies. They will be able to translate perceived societal problems into relevant social scientific research questions and to contribute to the solution of such problems by combining insights from fundamental social
theory joined with substantive theories. More specifically, the programme seeks to explore the critical elements of international migration and the incorporation of immigrants in the society of destination.

This Master is unique to Europe and unique in the countries and the institutions (both EU and thirdcountry) which participate in the Consortium, a unique opportunity to bring together those who have an interest in creating a shared outlook for Europe in terms of migration studies. All partner universities not only teach but actively research various migration-related issues, thus being able to offer students state-of-the art knowledge in respective specialization areas. This Master mobilizes key experts from  the International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion Research Network (IMISCOE, http://www.imiscoe.org), a multi-disciplinary research programme comprised of more than 300 researchers from 27 established EU research institutes. Six of the Consortium universities are also members of  HumanitarianNet (http://www.humanitariannet.deusto.es/), which has a special Thematic Subgroup on Migrations; and five of these universities are currently developing a Joint Doctorate in Migration, Diversity and Identities (EDMIDI).

MISOCO is a two-year course, where in Year 1 all students study together, first at the University of Amsterdam (1st semester) and then at the University of Deusto (2nd semester). In Year 2 students go to one of the other European universities in the Consortium ,where they spend the 3rd semester deepening their knowledge and expertise of a particular area and the 4th semester working on their dissertation. The language of instruction is English. Upon successfully completing the course students receive a Joint /Double Degree issued by those Universities of the Consortium where the candidate has carried out his/her studies and which automatically recognized by all universities in the Consortium.

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