MESPOM - Master of Science in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

The Masters Course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) prepares students for identifying, developing and implementing integrated solutions to environmental challenges, especially in an international context. In addition to their academic work, students develop research, communication and other professional skills, learn to orient themselves in European and worldwide networks of environmental institutions and professionals, and elaborate relevant career objectives and strategies.

Since 2005, MESPOM has been delivered by a Consortium of four premier European universities: Lund University (LU) (Sweden, Co-ordinating institution), the University of Manchester (UoM) (UK), Central European University (CEU) (Hungary), and the University of the Aegean (UoA) (Greece). From 2010, the MESPOM consortium is joined by two North American centres of excellence: the Middlebury College and its graduate school Monterey Institute for Environmental Studies (MC-MIIS) (USA) and the University of Saskatchewan (UoS, Canada).

The Consortium partners have complementary core competencies (CEU –environmental policy, LU –
environmental management, the UoM – environmental sciences, the UoA – local sustainable development and ecosystems management, MC-MIIS – training for international environmental leadership and the UoS – community environmental health) as well an extensive cooperation record in creating a world-class, fully integrated and globally relevant Masters Course which has already enhanced the careers of students from some 60 countries of five continents.

The 2-year (120 ECTS) programme is delivered in English and includes three taught semesters and a fourth research semester. The first two semesters, taught at CEU, focus on understanding of environmental issues, technologies and related economic, policy and other social processes to the ability to analyse environmental human-environment interactions in their specific contexts. The Spring Semester includes the Environmental Careers Workshop and the Ecosystems Management course taught at the University of the Aegean on the island of Lesvos.

During the third semester students choose between specialised tracks in either preventive environmental strategies in  organizations (at Lund University) or environmental science (at the University of Manchester). Both tracks emphasize hands-on research and practical experience in research laboratories, private and public sector.

During the fourth term, the students conduct their individual research projects and prepare MSc dissertations in any of the six MESPOM partners. This is typically combined with internships at international organizations, government, industry and NGOs. MESPOM graduates receive a joint MSc degree from the four European partners.

Admission is based on academic excellence, career promise and potential contribution to the atmosphere of multicultural and multidisciplinary learning which is a trademark of MESPOM. MESPOM promotes equal opportunities for all applicants and students.

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