MAMASELF - Master in material science exploring European large scale facilities

MaMaSELF is a two-year full-time European Masters program in Materials Science, building up a European platform, strongly involving “Large Scale Research Facilities”. The Masters degree is delivered by 2 or 3 out of five universities: Université de Rennes 1 and Université de Montpellier 2 (France), Università di Torino (Italy), TUM and LMU at München (Germany). This Master aims at promoting the scientific collaboration among Universities, Large Scale Facilities and Industry. Its main objective is to achieve skilled scientists in Materials Science together with an advanced knowledge in the use of Large Scale Facilities for the characterization of high-tech materials.

The first year consists of lectures and laboratory courses at one out of the five Universities. Possible focus areas are: Physics of Materials at TUM, Chemistry and Nano science at Torino, Geomaterials and Geochemistry at LMU, Solid-state Chemistry and Crystallography at Montpellier, Materials Science (Physics & Chemistry) at Rennes. For the 3rd semester students have to choose a different University within the Consortium. For the Master thesis work in the fourth semester students can choose among any of the Consortium Universities as well as any partner Large Scale Facility (see
below). European and self-funded students can also choose among partner institutions in Switzerland (ETH Zürich & Paul Scherrer Institute), Japan (Kyoto University), India (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras), Russia (Southern Federal University) and U.S.A. (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

Admission criteria are three successful years of full time studies spent in a national BSc course (or equivalent) in Materials Science or related areas (Physics, Chemistry, Geoscience etc…) together with a proficiency level of scientific English, e.g. TOEFL210/550, IELTS6.5, or similar. The enrolment will be limited to 45 students per year to guarantee an excellent professor/student ratio. Several important European Large Scale Facilities strongly support this Master, co-organize the summer school and will host students in the fourth semester to follow research activities. They are: ESRF and ILL (Grenoble, France), LLB (Saclay, France), DESY (Hamburg, Germany), FRM II (Munich, Germany) and ELETTRA (Trieste, Italy)

Strongly multidisciplinary lectures in Chemistry, Physics and Material Science will be entirely given in English. Students will receive a double/multiple Master degree in Material Science, giving direct access to further PhD studies.

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