EUCOMOR - European Master in Comparative Morphology

Five different European universities have joined efforts in an international, collaborative Master of Sciences – European Master of Comparative Morphology (EUCOMOR). This Master’s degree answers to the need of the international biomedical environment for an expert who can innovatively contribute to animal research, the development of alternatives and imaging techniques and provide
scientific arguments for e.g. revised legislation or position papers regarding the use of animals and animals for research purposes.

To this purpose, the program is taught in English and runs over a two-year period (120 ECTS credits). Each year is divided in two semesters of 30 ECTS credits each. In a semester the courses are offered in a package (cluster) The program comprises 60 ECTS credits compulsory courses, 30 ECTS credits elective courses focusing on imaging techniques or in vitro assays, and 30 ECTS credits for the dissertation. Students need to include at least 60 ECTS of mobility. Mobility, proficiency in English as in the local language of the host institutions are an essential part of the master programme in order to have a graduate who is competent as scientific expert/researcher, scientific advisor/communicator, collaborator, professional and life long learner.

Additionally, the mobility is a prerequisite since no institution can boast alone all the different expertises offered in the programme. In this master programme the course content and structures that have been hinged on the defined learning outcomes and the demanded skills make optimal use of the areas of excellence of each partner. In addition, the EMMC enables to attract scholars. This ensures the curriculum is able to respond quickly the changes in the scientific domain of comparative morphology and to expand the expertise beyond the expertise brought in by the five participating institutions.

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