EMSHIP - European Education in Advanced Ship Design

The objective of the EMSHIP Erasmus Mundus Master is to provide a high education in Naval Architecture and Ship Design, through a 1.5 year - 90 Credits - Master Course accessible as Post
Graduate studies, leading to a Double Master Degree from ULG-Liege, Belgium and ECN-Nantes, France) and a supplement diploma from Germany (Rostock), Italy (Genoa), Poland (Szczecin) or Romania (Galati).

EMSHIP corresponds directly to the needs of the European and Worldwide Marine Industry. The targeted students are:
  • students having already a master degree in another engineering field that would like to get a specialisation in Ship Design. 
  • active engineering officers with 3-5 years seafaring work  experience, that are looking for new knowledge to better fulfil their carrier objectives. There is indeeed a large demand from  shipowners and port authorities to hire such officers, knowing what onboard service is, to manage and maintain their fleet.
  • students looking for complementary education in the Sailing Pleasure Crafts and Mega/Motor Yachts, but also in Safer and Cleaner Marine and Fluvial Transportation Mode.
  • engineers searching for advanced education in Hydrodynamics in Ship Design, Ship Production, CAD, Information Technology and Ship Structures.

EMSHIP will give the opportunity to students to demonstrate their talents and offer them the necessary skills to work in this challenging industry. The mobility scheme includes 3 semesters in 3 different countries and cultures:

In addition to six of the most well-known universities in Europe, the EMSHIP consortium includes six associated parters from prestigious worldwide universities: University of Michigan (USA), University of Osaka (Japan), Federal University of Amazon (Brazil), VIMARU Maritime University (Vietnam), University of New South Wales (Australia) and University of Sciences and Technology of Oran (Algeria), that will have an advisory role and will assist in recruitment and assessment, with the support of an Industrial Advisory Board. Finally the European Association of Universities in Marine Technology (WEGEMT) assists the consortium in the management, web site and and dissemination of information to potential students.

Moreinfo: http://www.emship.eu
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