EMIN - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Economics and Management of Network Industries

The EMIN joint master offers the opportunity to acquire expertise in network industries management from a global perspective that covers both the economic/regulatory and   echnological/management issues. In these industries, teaching, training and research are typically carried out solely by focused specialists, which usually results in a skewed perspective. The purpose of this proposal is to continue integrating specialists from different perspectives and nationalities, and to make them interact in an interdisciplinary program to address the main problems faced by network industries in the current context of economic crisis and environmental concern. Our master students will learn the relevant engineering, economics, policy and management principles in the network and infrastructure industries. These skills and knowledge will be acquired and used together in real-life problems, as this course is dedicated to training qualified professionals.

The EMIN is a two-year joint programme (120 ECTS) with two separate phases:
- Training period (90 ECTS): 3 semesters worth 30 ECTS each of lectures at the partner universities.
- Master Thesis and internships (30 ECTS): to be carried by students at any of the EMIN partner universities, with the collaboration of the industry partners that will support the development of professional internship of EMIN students during the last stage of their studies.

The EMIN Master has an advantage over existing programmes in the added value stemming from its partners' joint expertise, the relevance of the subjects addressed, the participation of supporting industries and institutions, and the target of offering a joint degree. All these advantages ensure an impact on European competitiveness in this area, and the development of cutting-edge education and collaboration between the academic and the industrial worlds. This added value of the EMIN master can be summarised in the following points: international component, renowned partners, interdisciplinary approach, industry connection, experience of the programme, and research career opportunities. The European partners are: Pontifical U. Comillas, Madrid (noted for its excellence in the electric power industry) as Coordinator; U. Paris-Sud 11 (renowned for its expertise in economics and management of network industries), T. U. Delft (well-known for its research and teaching on policy analysis and infrastructure economics), the Florence School of Regulation (reference forum in Europe for the regulation of network industries) and, as a new addition to this programme from 2011 onwards, the K.U. Leuven (renowned for its expertise the energy sector). The third country partners are: the Johns Hopkins U. (Baltimore, USA), the U. of Texas at Austin (USA), and the F. U. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). As associated partners the Lawence Berkeley Lab. (California, USA) and Harbin I.T. (China) as well as ten large companies from these sectors.

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