DMKM - Data Mining & Knowledge Management

The primary social and economic value of modern societies is knowledge. For this reason, mastery of Technologies able to extract dormant knowledge from information recorded in Datwarehouses or the Web, is indispensable for a sustainable development of both the individual and the society. Data Mining and Knowledge Management (DMKM) has become essential for improving the competitiveness of businesses and increasing access to knowledge. However, DMKM has still to face major scientific and technological challenges. The EMMC degree in DMKM offers specialist training in this field.

The Master in DMKM is based on experience in multi-site teaching gained from the Master degree in Knowledge Extraction from Data, which has been running since 1999 within three members of the
consortium, and is taught by established scientists in the field.

The Master in DMKM is aimed at students from all over the world. Candidates must have a Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or Statistics, as well as a good level of English (TOEFL 550 or equivalent). Admission is granted on the basis of a selection procedure. Classes are taught in English and the whole course is composed of 18 modules of about sixty hours each. The course runs over 4 semesters. The first semester is devoted to basic training, and includes mathematics, statistics, database techonology, etc., whearas the two following ones are dedicated to acquire two specialities among six available ones: “E-Science”, “Data Mining and Complex System Modeling and Application in Social Sciences”, “Knowledge and Decision”, “Statistical Modeling and Data Mining”, “Semantic Web”, “Relational Data Mining”. The fourth semester is devoted to the elaboration of a dissertation thesis in either a laboratory or a company.

The network of partnership agreements set with leader laboratories and major companies where students may perform internships during the last semester will offer to holders of the EMMC degree in DMKM multiple employement opportunities in high-tech industry, business intelligence companies, banking & finance, or research and academic environments.

Language classes will also be provided to ensure that students integrate as well as possible in sociocultural environment of the host country. Each student must spend 6 to 12 months in at least two of the 4 countries. Students that have obtained 120 ECTS will automatically obtain national Master degrees from the countries in which they have studied. Students can benefit, on their site of residence, from support in the form of tutoring for each course. Tuition fees are 4,000 € per year for European students and 8,000 € per year for other students. Some scholarships will be available for students selected on their academical profile, their motivations and their personal project.

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