CWCN - Crossways in Cultural Narratives

Crossways in Cultural Narratives is a two-year Masters Course in Comparative Literature, Cultural Anthropology, Textual, Visual and Inter-Media Studies. It prepares graduates for doctoral research
and provides future managers with the knowledge and expertise required of people who are to play key roles in international institutions, national administrations or large media groups. Applicants must be proficient in at least two languages of the Consortium (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish). They are to acquire 40 ECTS credits from three out of eight partner institutions: the Universities of Bergamo (Italy), New Lisbon (Portugal), Perpignan (coordinating organisation, France), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), St Andrews (Scotland), Sheffield (England), Poznan (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland), Guelph (Canada). Mobility choice is left to the applicants themselves, but they are to spend Semesters 2 & 3 in the same University, Semesters 1 & 4 in two different Universities. Non-European students must study in Europe. 

European students who do not go to Guelph may spend Semesters 1 or 4 with either Iberoamericana University (Mexico) or the University of Entre Ríos (Argentina): both are non-degree awarding associate members. There are 8 major pathways: Cultural Migrations, Æsthetics, Body Technologies, Text & Image, Literary History, Gender Studies, Beyond the Canon, Post-Trauma Studies. In all Universities, Semester 1 is devoted to theoretical and methodological subtexts, Semester 2 to the comparison of texts from different media, Semester 3 to confrontation of artistic texts with their socio-economical and geo-political contexts, and Semester 4 to a research dissertation and more specialised topics.

Students may obtain ECTS credits via internships with 13 associate members comprising museums, art galleries & exhibition centres, visual arts agencies, theatres, film schools and institutes, book fairs, associations promoting education in the arts, international finance. The final award will take the form of an international diploma supplement, a joint Crossways parchment and Masters Degree certificates fully accredited by the national structures of the 3 countries of study. Associate members: Macdonald Stewart Art Centre (Guelph); Museums Galleries Scotland (Edinburgh); “A 100m du centre du monde” (Perpignan); Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea (Santiago de Compostela) Archivio Lombardo dell’Audiovisivo e Servizi Culturali Annessi (Milan); Axis-The Online Resource for Contemporary Art France (Leeds): Institut Jean Vigo (Perpignan); Escuela de Cinematografia y del Audiovisual de la Communidad de Madrid; Salon du livre de Toronto; Creative Arts Partnerships in Education (Leeds); Standard Life (Edinburgh); União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta (Lisbon); Teatr Osmego Dnia (Poznan). Fees: Non-EU students: 7000€ ; EU students 3500€

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