Children's Prize

The Whole New World Foundation (WNWF) is a diversified private foundation. The foundation created the global, $1 million Children’s Prize in 2013 and Data for Life in 2014. Based in Miami, WNWF works closely with a major local science museum, academic medical, engineering, and science departments, and the local entrepreneurial community. All of the Foundation’s activities focus on engineering solutions to important problems

Our model unites the power of human competition with the hyper-connectivity of the information age to crowd-source the most promising solutions to important challenges. Winners then enter into a collaborative relationship with us to execute their vision. While fostering innovation, the company thinks like an engineer, placing its strongest emphasis on efficiency and insisting on accurate and scientific estimates of impact before a project is advanced.

Data for Life is a new $100,00 prize program that will award two winners $50,000 to help identify the best approaches for reducing child mortality by supporting accurate, scientific evaluation of the number of lives that they save.

Nearly 7 million children under the age of five die every year, and there is a scarcity of data to tell us which interventions save the most lives.

Design a scientific study with a budget of $50,000 that will validate a previously unproven but highly effective intervention to reduce child mortality, demonstrating the potential to save a large number of additional lives through scale up.

Anyone – any organization or person can apply. The Prize is open to anyone who is in a position to save children’s lives but lacks the means to quantitatively assess the impact of their work. Practitioners fighting to reduce child mortality as well as researchers in this area are encouraged to apply for the Data for Life Prize.

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