Peace Writers

Peace Writers will document the stories of Women PeaceMakers (WPM) for publication. Writers will interview the WPM and engage in extensive research to become familiar with the histories of the conflicts and the peacemaking efforts of the WPM. Writers will draft narrative stories and write complementary material, such as conflict histories and conflict timelines that will provide context for the WPM narratives.

About the Women PeaceMakers Program
The IPJ’s Women PeaceMakers Program invites four women from conflict-affected countries to participate in a multi-week residency. The selected women have been involved in human rights and peacemaking and are seeking ways to have greater impact on peacemaking efforts in their society. Women on the frontlines of efforts to end violence and secure a just peace seldom record their experiences, activities, and insights as generally there is no time, or, perhaps, no formal education that would help them record their stories. This program also creates a network of Women PeaceMakers who become resources to be called on to serve in peacemaking and post-conflict processes internationally.

The residency program will require the selected Women PeaceMakers to give presentations at the IPJ and in the San Diego community, and to participate in documenting their stories through writing and videotaping their reflections. Women PeaceMakers will participate in group discussions and take part in an annual Women PeaceMakers event, held at the Institute. Each Woman PeaceMaker will have an assigned Peace Writer to document her story.

Required Qualifications
  • Graduate degree or current enrollment in a graduate program related to peace studies, conflict resolution, human rights, international relations, gender studies, narrative writing or communications. Applicants who do not fit the above description, but have a portfolio of published work, will be considered.
  • Outstanding narrative writing and analytic skills, and familiarity with narrative writing styles.
  • Experience interviewing or interacting with others in a cross-cultural setting. Applicants must be able to work closely with people for whom English is a second language.
  • Must be able to work independently as well as collaboratively with fellow Writers, WPM and program staff.
  • Must provide own housing, computer and transportation. If driving onto campus, proof of insurance required.
  • If selected, must provide tax ID or SSN for tax purposes.
Download Peace Writer Applications here.

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