JEAI is designed to promote and strengthen new research teams

JEAI is designed to promote and strengthen new research teams in developing countries through partnership with IRD research units.

As part of its mission of capacity-building, training and innovation in southern countries, the Agence Inter-établissements de Recherche pour le Développement (AIRD) supports the southern scientific communities in their search for autonomy, international recognition, and in the development of collaborative networks.

The « Jeunes Équipes Associées à l’IRD » (JEAI) is designed to promote and strengthen new research teams in developing countries through partnership with IRD research units.

From this point, the objective is not to fund individual grants, nor to support already achieved teams. This call aims to reinforce the experiences of researchers from developing countries in a research and capacity-building program, in order that JEAIs become world-class centers of excellence in their field and get integrated in national, regional or international networks. Joint research and capacity-building activities with the partner research unit lead to build a collective scientific dynamic, the goal of which is to guarantee a long lasting research team.

This call for proposals is open to all IRD researchers. The JEAI correspondent being a researcher attached to one of IRD’s research units ( ).
The projects presented in this context will have to fit with one of the following thematic fields:
  • Development and governance
  • Vulnerabilities, inequalities and growth
  • Boundaries, and social and spatial dynamics
  • Infectious diseases, emerging and neglected diseases in particular
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Health-plant intercations
  • Vulnerability and climate change
  • Risks and natural hazards
  • Water resources
  • Productions and food safety
  • Ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Sustainable energy and transport

This call for proposals promotes the set up and/or the strengthening of research teams in developing countries in one of the thematic fields listed above.

The ‘new team’ (Jeune Equipe) concept is to be understood from the point of view of its date of creation. There is no absolute link with the age of the team members.

It is however strongly recommended that these teams include a significant amount of early carreer researchers.

A JEAI counts with at least three permanent researchers/tenured professors: it guarantees the long-lasting activity of the team. The team members are not necessarily employed by the same institution. If multiple locations, the complementarity between them and the governance arrangements linked to it will be detailed. Post-doctorates may also be hosted in a ‘new team’.

This team project is set up through partnership with at least one research unit under the supervision of an AIRD institution. The association with this(ese) research unit(s) do(es) not mean that all the ‘new team’s activities are associated to the project of its partner research unit. A JEAI has to have common activities with at least one research unit, but it also have to perform research and runs the team in a scientific self-sufficiency, in order to strengthen itself in an independent research team. Nevertheless, the fact that the scientific fields of the ‘new team’ is partially covering those of the partner unit is an asset that permits the scientific support of the ‘new team’ along the implementation of the project and enables to establish long lasting links on exchange and mutual interest basis.

The call for proposals document is available here, the short presentation note form here and the summary form here.

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