HiiL Innovating Justice Awards

For the fourth year, HiiL will present its Innovating Justice Award. There are two categories: Successful Innovation (innovative justice initiatives that are already making a difference) and Innovative Idea (new ventures or novel ideas with a strong potential of delivering concrete justice results). The winners receive recognition as top innovators and, through the network, access to scale-up and funding opportunities. The HiiL Innovating Justice Awards are part of the Innovating Justice Hub - a global network that maps, connects, teaches and strengthens justice innovation. The winners will be announced during the annual Innovating Justice forum event in The Hague

Through the HiiL Innovating Justice Awards we further enlarge the community of justice innovators world-wide and develop its impact globally. We want to unlock the huge innovation potential in the justice sector by helping justice innovators to be more successful and increase their impact. 

How will the winners be selected?

  • First, an online voting round will decide the Top 3 entries in each category based on the collected number of online votes. Everyone with a valid email address can participate.
  • Secondly, the finalists of the previous Awards edition will hand out their wild cards to three additional entries in each category. These entries are selected from the remaining nominations. This way, the remaining nominees get another chance to reach the Top 3 finalists.
  • Based on the two “Top Three”s, a professional jury will decide upon overall Top 3 finalists and the Jury Chair will then select and announce the Award winner.

The main criteria in assessing the winning entry are:

  • The uniqueness
  • The sustainability
  • The scalability of the project and its possibility to implement it in other jurisdictions
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