Fondation Ensemble Programme Fund and Small Grants Fund

All projects submitted to the Foundation, within the Programme Fund or the Small Grants Fund, must link development with environment conservation.

Also, several cross-cutting themes must be taken into account, highlighted in the Programme Fund selection criteria and the Small Grants Fund selection criteria .

Programme Fund
The submission dead-line for the 3 pages concept note is the 7th February 2014.
For 2014, the Programme Fund eligible countries are :
Mozambic, Cambodia, Laos, Ecuador, and Peru for the four intervention sectors.
On top of this, the Foundation will consider this year again, for Biodiversity Conservation proposals only, projects implemented in Coastal areas of Western Africa (from Mauritania to Liberia).
Once downloaded from here and fully completed, the Programme Fund concept note is to be sent back by e-mail to the following address:
To download the 3 pages concept note for the  Programme
Fund click here  

Small Grants Fund
The submission dead-line for the 3 pages concept note is the 7th February 2014.
The Small Grants Fund is exclusively open to Endangered animal species conservation initiatives in any country in the world, without restrictions.
Once downloaded from here and fully completed, the concept note for Animal Biodiversity Conservation Small Grant is to be sent back by e-mail to the following address :
To download the 3 pages concept note for the threatened animal species Small Grants Fund click here

Each year, the Foundation focuses on an important theme. In 2014, the Foundation will favour again projects with an entrepreneurial approach.

These projects will aim for a sustainable local development, through the creation of micro-enterprises/cooperatives with a social approach, protecting the environment, and creating jobs. If suitable, these projects will also plan financing solutions, in particular through micro-credit (preferably by partnering with MFI’s), always focusing on sustainability and replication of the project model.

This year, the Programme Fund applies to the Four intervention sectors listed below, whereas the Small Grants Fund is solely open to Conservation of threatened animal species projects.

Refering to the four intervention sectors for the Programme Fund, examples of approaches can be the following:

Sustainable Agriculture and Fishing
Production, transformation, and marketing of products by community groups/cooperatives with sustainable techniques in the agriculture area : agro-ecology, biological agriculture, conservation agriculture, agroforestry, non timber forest products, giving value to indigenous seeds and varieties… and in fishing : sustainable aquaculture and fishing techniques ;

Renewable Energies

Production and marketing of solar lightning, decentralised rural electrification, production and marketing of local renewable energy : solar, wind, micro-hydraulic, biogaz, production and marketing of ecological or fuel efficient heating systems (stoves, ovens)…

Training and marketing of ecological and sustainable habitats, and/or exploitation, transformation, manufacturing and marketing of products and equipments obtained in a sustainable way from local materials, accessible to all, and in particular to the poorest,...

Biodiversity Conservation

Sustainable management of ecosystems, and animal and plant species requiring protection : certification, responsible tourism, sustainable agriculture and handicraft, other sustainable income generating activities…

All projects relying on marketing activities will have studied in depth and optimised the planned business model : distribution channels, demand, cost and sales price, local, national, or international marketing, and the conditions to meet to achieve sustainability : level of investment, sales volumes and customer base, planning of repair and maintenance solutions and costs, etc.
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