Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS)

The Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences offers an interdisciplinary programme for top students, integrating social and technical perspectives into a new engineering approach. The ATLAS Scholarship Fund (ASF) grants financial aid to students admitted to ATLAS who would be unable to participate in the programme without such aid. The scholarships are awarded in order to foster the excellence and the diversity of the ATLAS student population. 

Application deadline

The deadline for application for the ATLAS Scholarship Fund is 1 April 2014. Students are advised to submit applications as early as possible, as applications are dealt with in the order of receipt. The duration of the ASF Scholarship is three academic years, provided that the recipient remains eligible based on the aspects below.

Eligibility aspects

  1. You have been admitted to the ATLAS programme.
  2. You display a strong motivation and have outstanding academic results.
  3. You maintain good academic results throughout the programme and graduate within three academic years.
  4. You are an asset to the ATLAS community in terms of excellence or in terms of diversity within the ATLAS student community.
  5. You are unable to attend ATLAS University College without an ASF Scholarship. For Dutch students, this means receiving a maximum additional grant from DUO. International students must prove their financial need with a budgetary proposal, or by sending copies of the salary statements of both parents (or legal guardians) and recent tax returns.
Please note: the ASF offers a limited number of scholarships to a select number of students. All ASF applicants are strongly advised to explore other scholarship options as well. For more information about scholarships, please visit

Amount of scholarship

Dutch students: €1,920EU/EEA/Switzerland students: between €2,340 and €4,680Non-EU/EEA students: between €5,700 and €11,400ATLAS Scholarships are paid in monthly installments, from September of the first academic year onwards.


  • The ATLAS Scholarship cannot be transferred to another academic year or another academic programme.
  • Payments of ASF Scholarship installments will be terminated immediately if the scholarship recipient drops out of the programme. (Partial) reimbursement of awarded funds may be required.
  • ASF Scholarship may be stacked; recipients must notify ATLAS of all other additional scholarship obtained.
  • ATLAS Scholarship recipients are encouraged to promote ATLAS, to actively participate in activities with ATLAS sponsors and to contribute to the ATLAS student community.

Application procedure

To apply for the ATLAS Scholarship Fund, fill in the online form below. After we receive your application, the ATLAS Admission Committee will select scholarship candidates and determine the amount of scholarship awarded. You will be informed about the decision by e-mail, ultimately before May 1st.
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