Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights

This call for proposals is part of the wider ‘Investing in People’ programme. The programme pursues a broad approach to development and poverty reduction, with the general aim of improving human and social development levels in partner countries in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals.

The ‘Good health for all’ theme of the multiannual indicative programme 2011-2013 addresses three key health areas: 1) strengthening health systems, improving health services and supporting capacity of partner countries to confront health challenges, 2) addressing the main communicable diseases, and 3) implementing the Cairo Agenda of the International Conference on Population and Development. 

The general sexual and reproductive health and rights objectives are to improve reproductive and sexual health in developing countries and to secure the right of women, men and adolescents to good reproductive and sexual health by providing financial assistance and appropriate expertise — with a view to promoting a holistic approach to, and increased recognition of, reproductive and sexual health and rights as defined in the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) programme of action. This includes safe motherhood and universal access to a comprehensive range of safe and reliable reproductive and sexual healthcare, services, supplies, education and information (including information on all kinds of family planning methods). It also includes reducing maternal mortality and morbidity rates, with particular reference to the countries and populations where these are highest.

Description of the objectives and priorities of the programme covered by this call for proposals: Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights – universal access to reproductive health

The overall objective of this call for proposals is to contribute to poverty reduction and to improving the wellbeing of populations in developing countries through better reproductive health and informed family planning choices.

Priority will be given to measures that
  • clearly identify and target the most vulnerable people with the least access to reproductive health;
  • collaborate closely with the public sector in the country where the action takes place, including them as a partner,6 and support the implementation of public policy and capacity building designed to give better access to Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH).
In addition, proposals which demonstrate the following aspects will be considered favourably:
  • promote comprehensive measures to increase tailored access to reproductive health at local, national or — where relevant — regional level;
  • add value and seek synergy with existing SRH measures and with other major health projects and initiatives in the country;
  • demonstrate alignment with national or subnational health policies, strategies and plans and include strategies on how to ensure country ownership and credible sustainability;
  • align with relevant national and international policies, such as the programme of action of the ICPD and its daughter agreements and support regional agreements in the domain, such as the Maputo Plan of Action and the Campaign for Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa (CARMMA) in Africa. Furthermore, alignment with best practices and UN guidelines in the field of sexual and reproductive health will be valued;7
  • strengthen local civil society organisations and local authorities (technical cooperation, capacity building, redistribution of grants).
Size of grants
Any requested contribution under this Call for Proposals must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:
  • minimum amount: € 2 000 000
  • maximum amount: € 6 000 000 
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