GDN - Regional Research Competitions (RRCs)

The second phase of GDN’s Global Research Capacity Building Program™ is the annual Global Research Competition (GRC). In this stage social science researchers from developing countries and transition economies, and the best performing researchers from the Regional Research Competitions (RRCs) are invited to team up with peers from around the world to collaborate on joint research projects.

Target Participants  
Applications for the GRC grants are invited from cross-country/inter-regional teams of up to four early-career researchers (one principal researcher plus one or more research collaborator). GDN leverages an advanced online platform to support the cross-country/inter-regional team formation.

Structure and Design
Research Themes
Each year, the competition focuses on diverse research themes which originate from the policy research priority areas defined by GDN's Global Research Agenda and are in line with GDN's future Global Research Projects. The nature of the research themes are such that they encourage collaboration amongst researchers and are of relevance to more than one region.

Themes for the 2013 round of the GRC are:

(1) Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
(2) Food Security
(3) Political, Economic and Social Transformations

Research Activities
Research projects involve, but are not limited to, the following types of research activities:

(1) Applied research;
(2) Case studies;
(3) Comparative studies; and
(4) Critical analyses of existing research.

Research Grant Information
The GRC grant performance period is up to 18 months. The value of the grants vary according to various aspects of the research projects such as team size and composition, scope of the research project, amongst others. Up to US$ 32,000 is awarded to support the following:

(1) Expenses necessary to conduct research; and
(2) Outreach and dissemination activities.

The best performing research teams also have the opportunity to apply for GDN’s large-scale, high-caliber Global Research Projects.

Global Training Workshop
Research teams with the most promising and interesting ideas receive training and guidance from world renowned experts at a global workshop, before submitting their final proposals.

Winning research teams benefit from intensive mentoring throughout the grant performance period, from inception to completion. The mentoring responsibility within each research team lies with a senior scholar who is engaged by GDN. From time-to-time, teams also benefit from training and guidance from world renowned experts.

For further information contact Tanvir Sandhu at , Project Assistant, GDN or email us at
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