Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research Awards

The intent of this program is to attract both international and U.S.-based early stage investigators from outside the field of HIV research to help address key scientific questions in HIV research, including emerging issues of long-term survival with HIV infection, prevention of HIV transmission and research towards a cure.
The Awards
  • The awards will be up to 2 years in length.
  • Up to $150,000 Direct Cost per year, (the amount of the award will vary depending on the proposal).
  • Funding wil be provided for awardees to attend future IAS/AIDS meetings during the proposed period of research.
Who is eligible?
  • Eligible applicants include junior investigators who have either completed their first terminal research degree or medical residency within the last ten years from the concept proposal deadline, and who have a faculty or equivalent position in good standing at an academic institution or have a comparable position in a not for profit organization or institution with a primary mission of research.
  • Both domestic and international investigators are encouraged to apply.
  • Application for these awards will be a two stage process:
    • Concept sheets (2 pages) will be submitted by October 16, 2013 and reviewed by a Scientific Committee.
    • Selected applicants will submit a full application, due February 10, 2014.
    • Notice of Awards will be made in mid to late April, 2014.
  • The 2010 Awards were announced at the 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria. For a list of awardees and their projects, click here.
  • The 2012 Awards were announced at the 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C., United States. For a list of awardees and their projects, click here.
  • The 2013 Awards were announced at the 2013 IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For a list of awardees and their projects, click here.
Please see Request for Proposals for more details

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