EKOenergy Climate Fund

EKOenergy is network of environmental not-for-profit organisations and we promote sustainable renewable energy. The network manages the EKOenergy label, the only international label for renewable electricity. For each MWh of EKOenergy-certified electricity, at least €0.10 goes to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund.

We want to use the money of the Climate Fund to finance small renewable electricity projects aiming at alleviation of energy poverty in poor countries and regions.  We are looking for projects to be financed 

Our evaluation criteria

  • Experience, solvency and reliability of the applicant (20%)
  • Quality and efficiency of the project (20%): effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, impact and visibility, ownership, gender
  • Long term viability, sustainability and replicability of the project (20%)
  • Contacts with local stakeholders, solid local counterpart (20%)
  • Complementary goals with EKOenergy and with the main target of this call (20%): Share our goal to promote renewable energy through involvement of people; this call is focuses on the fight against energy poverty.
About yourself
Following elements are important for us:
  • Communication: preferably an organization with a good website in several languages (and at least in English) – because most of EKOenergy’s sales happen in Europe, clear links with European organisations are an asset.
  • Experience: preferably having five years of experience with energy projects in poor areas.
  • Preferably experience with projects that are being co-financed by public authorities (accredited NGO or demonstrable experience)
  • Having a transparent and audited bookkeeping
  • Preferably having experience with fundraising
  • Preferably offering opportunities for a long time collaboration with EKOenergy
  • Organisations with an active communication and fundraising policy
About the project(s)
  • We are looking for projects in which our contribution is between 10.000 to 100.000 euro.
  • Although we focus on many aspects, in the end we want to see production. Let us know how your project contributes to extra renewable electricity generation. And how much.
Please briefly refer to the following aspects
  • Ownership of the project and impact on local community
  • Project long term sustainability and proposed auditing process
  • Environmental integration and environmental sustainability of project
  • Innovative technical, social and economic aspects of project
  • How will the project be followed up after the installation?
If possible, illustrate with concrete examples of earlier or similar projects.

3. Reporting
Based on existing reporting tools of the benefiary. The exact procedure will depend on the granted amount, and will be specified in the contract between EKOenergy and the selected organization(s).

Other information and guidelines

  • Don’t send us confidential information. Information you send us will be shared with the jury and with the members of the network (43 NGOs from 33 countries)
  • Try to limit the proposal to 3-5 pages. Annexes are allowed. Please combine all documents into a single pdf.
  • If you mail us, and you don’t get a confirmation mail within 48 hours, please resend your mail.
  • Feel free to refer to specific pages on your website.
  • Please indicate clearly whom we should contact if we need additional information.
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